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Open a design boutique hotel hangzhou xixi wetland new room condition xixi rooftop pool into 'web celebrity'

Date: 2018-07-29

Lu, of the first experience store is located in tiantai county, zhejiang province, the main tao yuanming style of rural life.Smooth the urbanite's anxiety, 60 hours living attitude make also be refined into the dormant condition products are the core of the project, for the hotel circle in the light of luxury "Buddha" vacation style.This time landing xixi wetland, not only fill the xixi scenic area not large vacationing industry since 2011 hotel opening blank, also let hangzhou travel life, more a easy choice.

If "xixi and left" is the emotional density xixi wetland, so the dormant condition left in it and it is the "knot lu in person, and no horses and chariots greetings are" urban rural seclusion resort life attitude.Emotion in scene, fertile land, beautiful pool, SangZhu is the ancients is yearning for a better life;And the dormant condition in the pristine nature of xixi wetland is discussed in the practice of contemporary living."The left hand side is the cicadas antique xixi wetland, the right hand side is the modern fashionable glass curtain wall.One number from xixi turn in 50 meters, only found in the reinforced concrete in the lobby of the dormant condition xixi.From rural to urban, the dormant condition has become a modern rural life on behalf of the brand.
Rounded rectangle door head simplicity to hang lu, of the LOGO, the design of multiple David not only increased the level of the space, also greatly cause everyone's voyeuristic interest.Had the privilege of passing through, you will be to see a few eye inside.Open the hotel the first object, not the front desk of the little sister, but in the walls and ground persimmon pattern.With the burning fire persimmon as the main design elements, this is the first time.From space to place, from the uniform to the room, all contain persimmon.Between the nature and the modern, persimmon became the connection.Beating with stocky persimmon fruit unleash the raw power of life, also let freedom, clever, and hidden lu, attitude control and deep.

The film that cool color moves with metallic luster, ribbon in gray space flash their mystery and unknown.In a space has different overlapping processing, in between the shape of the actual situation of transformation to inspire the human instinct -- exploration.108 with persimmon homophonic word "thing" message to name but not the nuptial room, let every time you are in a different surprise!"The best", "more things about the new"...In suit of persimmon topics at the same time, also for city living a refreshing experience.Because of the particularity of the space, check in the dormant condition xixi, you are likely to be assigned to take the air of the balcony room, strewn at random into the layer of the balcony changes with the rising of floor.To the top floor, it is another surprise.In the web celebrity air terrace swimming pool in hangzhou this summer, while maintaining the illicit close sex, also can overlook the city landscape and wetland landscape.
How relaxed living in reclusion less SPA to join?Across the boundaries of the space, in the dormant condition at Thai SPA leisurely, wonderful elephant bell sound conforming with the natural wind, let the Oriental element tentacles.

New fusion restaurant also all-weather supply food and drink, from street food to tracts, both the morning and dusk, to reward ourselves with delicate stomach, also can just living truth.
Hidden in the dust and placed in the city, but to give up the wto was born of the ancients CARES, in the clever light between the soil and water conservation, meditation another leisure vacation mode.The dormant condition also as its English name meaning by Lucid, with clear, transparent, pure heaven and earth, to the city of xixi wetland souls another shelter.