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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Hangzhou Bairui Canal Hotel (Hangzhou Braim Canal Hotel), L'hotel è situato nella Piazza Canal Cultural a nord di Hangzhou City, vicino al Canal Grande. È un hotel di lusso business investito e costruito dal gruppo turistico Zhejiang Bairui.
Ogni camera dell'hotel è dotata di interfaccia a banda larga ad alta velocità e TV satellitare, in modo che gli ospiti possano tenersi al corrente delle nuove notizie del mondo in qualsiasi momento.L'hotel dispone di due lussuosi piani esecutivi per gli uomini d'affari e di un unico salone esecutivo al venticinquesimo piano.
Più di 800 metri quadrati di sala banchetti multifunzionale, così come otto sale riunioni multifunzionali, vi forniscono un punto di incontro pienamente funzionale.L'hotel dispone di un ristorante cinese con un bellissimo ambiente e 22 lussuose scatole decorate. I maestri di cucina senior offrono con attenzione cibo popolare da tutto il mondo, che è la prima scelta per la negoziazione di affari e attività sociali.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • ccooff
    The room is not very big, very delicate.
  • e01284621
    In front of the hotel is the Grand Canal square, horizon is very good, very close to the city's two hospitals, recommended stay
  • Steve
    Good location, surrounded by canals, supermarket. air conditioning is not to force.
  • doudou_mama007
    Very comfortable, good health, the key is surrounded by living quarters and a host of attractions, dinner is easy. recommended.
  • cjcarrie
    Location and environment are good, how is the hotel facilities are not
  • fanyewuji
    Very good hotel, room very large, bathroom good, beds very comfortable, very clean, buy a good deal
  • fengfeng1209
    Yes, very satisfied
  • episode_lee
    Suitable for travel, downstairs there is a supermarket, restaurants, large shopping mall
  • figle
    Floor is not very good, Windows just is out of prison by Billboard
  • d01134366
    Hotel location is very good, go out the Canal square, across the street opposite the Canal Museum and Hualian, the right is Canal Street food mall, golden week also don't have to wait to eat, offer super power, we don't have enough clothes, temporary bought children old clothes or special deal. Hotel hygiene is good, also have Gong Chen Bridge all cultural information of magazines, but in-room amenities it is tank too much; there was no trash, wash basin and showerSwitch operation very flower and not convenient, hair dryer machine shift of bad has Hou cover also off has, and blow out of wind is invincible health Ah, I full blow has half hours only barely can sleep, at really wants to shun home to to children with, air conditioning is many people reflect of cannot himself adjustable temperature, we only sleep of when open, or will cold died, and Super ring, elderly straight complained noisy have sleep not with. Clause is the most expensive double standard, can see through the window the Canal square, in GeneralPrice is OK, would consider staying again next time.
  • e02166125
    This cold weather, air conditioning, air conditioning, no air conditioning, the morning nose has not, alas!
  • ftootof
    Environment is not bad, toilet, drawback is the location of my room was not facing the Canal, see Canal! Oh, no
  • dianewl
    That's good
  • catsimon2000
    So so
  • A10588375
    Well next time stay good rooms
  • elletina
    Are good
  • grace0944
  • builderwfy
    That's no problem
  • nanan_li
    Very poor. air conditioning not refrigeration, in restaurant dinner waiter elusive, called drinks on appeared, called service on missing, let cold dishes first withdrawal Xia, hot dish eat has again end back, directly let people to withdrawal has. checkout asked can with room with open invoice, said himself not clear. check out to development votes, said network prepaid not in they there pay money cannot to development votes, that rice in you home eat of pay money also paid you, can open has's, said you if ledger to room is can open of, or notCan the room charge invoices and asked why I don't call in advance to confirm. I've send you one invoice, your own staff do not know how to get, but now questioned why don't I call to confirm, I can think of so much drama, I am immortal.
  • Aunt Candy
    Location can also
  • aileyi
  • ljforever
    Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and convenient,
  • bevisli
    Good location, rooms of old
  • a775473023
    Which is very nice
  • anitading521
    Room was good, around places like some grocery shopping for dinner, overall very good.
  • e00175818
    This very good hotel near the
  • e00174077
    Nice top Billboard irritated
  • pjf98555
    Familiar environment, surrounding living easy
  • mliu87654
    The location was excellent, can go around
  • grant699
    No problem
  • clotbb
    Facilities very good, service was very good, the hotel's location
  • iwing
    Located next to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, nice, convenient, breakfast, no swimming pool and fitness room, price is not high.
  • alanyang_617
    It's OK
  • legendland
    All right
  • fusufen
    Surrounding environment good eating easy, convenient
  • jj-yy
    Bad air conditioning to shut at midnight
  • littlegates
    Which is very nice
  • Elyn Qian
    Good location, nearby attractions, and convenient transportation.
  • enboo
    Yes, traveling often, satisfaction
  • rrfeng
    Hotel facilities is relatively old, but surrounding around the Canal, nice
  • beatingcj
    Good, it is day of construction
  • auline
    The top floor in the room, but was blocked out by Billboard, hardware, and service levels to enhance, with several fights at the front desk, as evidenced by management, breakfast is more general
  • gavin.b.xu
    Due to the relatively late, only a night's sleep, and experience is not very deep, the overall feeling is comfortable, facility is OK, just less television content, very old film is still 30-on-demand, breakfast value for money in General.
  • baobaole
    Room was very good and the recommended
  • a17811787
    Facilities are old and good surrounding environment, opposite the Canal square, square dancing Lady overwhelming
  • bumaoguai
    Old hotel room facilities, toilet, there was a strange smell, helpful staff, good surrounding environment, is at the entrance to the Canal square and Gong Chen bridge, travel is convenient.
  • alextcma
    Have a glass, she is so dirty, others can also.
  • e00590040
  • a601647525
    All right
  • e05323477
    Five years after graduation, took wife shopping on Canal square, don't have a taste, the key is to live and eat well, satisfactory accommodation, evening out the window to see the Gong Chen bridge better again